The Ministry of Health in Turkey was interested in launching a nationwide health campaign similar to those the NHS runs in the UK. The point of the campaign was largely to encourage healthy eating but also to offer information and advice on pregnancy, children and exercise. The Hatch team devised a set of characters to go with each theme, along with layouts and merchandising templates for the ministry to use.


We worked closely with the client to create a simple style of cartoon character that would appeal across the board. The end result was a fun style, easily adaptable and great for animation. We set up storyboards for the Turkish Ministry to work with when producing their own animations back in Turkey.


The Turkish Ministry of Health


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Character Development

Hatch worked to produce a magazine for children on the theme of health, containing articles, games, quizzes and fun facts. The characters we developed worked extremely well to populate the pages in a lively way and they helped to direct the children's eyes over the page to points of interest. We employed colour in a big way to appeal to children and maintain their interest.