POW! Thanet, now in its second year, celebrates all things female with a festival to coincide with International Women's Day. The festival takes place over several days in venues across Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate.


In 2016, in conjunction with the POW! Thanet team, we devised the logo and branding for the festival and drawing on the success of last year, POW! Thanet 2017 is bigger and better. We have just completed a substantial brochure detailing the festival's events.


Our approach to POW! Thanet's branding and styling took into account the vibrant and astistic nature of the festival and the logo and printed materials reflect the colourful events and people the festival encompasses.



POW! Thanet


Branding, design and artworking

In the Victorian age Thanet became an established holiday destination for well-to-do Londoners, many of whom hired houses for the season. While their husbands worked in London during the week, coming down by ferry on Friday evenings, their wives had an unprecedented level of freedom from scrutiny. This was exacerbated by the heady atmosphere of gaiety, all donkey rides and bathing machines; the time was ripe for a revolution!     POW!Thanet.com

We listed over 50 events in the brochure so attention to detail was paramount. The brochure was designed, artworked and prepared for print.