The Hatch team have garnered a positive relationship with Harlow Playhouse over a long period and have illustrated their panomime campaigns for 7 consequetive years. We strive to offer a personal service and work with the client to achieve a house sty;e that has just a little moe depth than the classic pantomime look, using their cast members and props so tailoring it to the Playhouse' production.


We start with a photoshoot, then we begin to illustrate the poster using approved shots. The next stage is to get the poster approved and any changes done to the satisfaction of all, then we move on to the brochure which lists dates and times for all the performances. We artwork banners to go in the foyer and produce adverts to appear in the local press.


Harlow Playhouse  |  BKCP


Illustration, design, artworking

Oh no he didn't!

Oh yes he did!

We worked with production company BKCP who exclusively create entertainment pieces for cruise line passengers. With them, Hatch designed five separate posters for a range of productions. The first was a classical performance of Tim Rice's musical numbers. SirTim was involved and contributeed to the creative process and was pleased with the end result. Examples are shown below. We worked to a strict brief and visualised many versions before the final faourites were chosen.