The Bob the builder logo was created by Hatch team member, Marcus Silversides for  HIT. It has probably been printed hundreds of thousands of times. With its bright colours and playful type style, it is a great example of our strengths in designing for children. Even today the Bob The Builder logo remains in a slightly updated form.




Logo Design

Can we fix it? Yes we can!    Bob The Builder

When approaching a logo design we look at appealing to both the audience and the client alike, in our choice of fonts and colours and overall look and feel. Preparation is important to us and a lot of work goes into establishing exactly the essence of the client's business before we even start creating a logo. Message is key, coupled with a large slice originality!

Voluntary Action Epping Forest are a charity that help many people in the local community to access services they might otherwise struggle to reach due to, for example, disability or funding issues. Amongst many other services, they offer transport to the elderly and classes to people with learning difficulties. As such, VAEF wanted a logo to reflect their inclusivity and the fact that they get things done! The arrows denote the 'Action' part of the charity and inclusivity is suggested by the different tones of red of those three arrows. A simple but effective way to put across a particular tone.



Here are some samples of our other logos...