Illustration is what we offer above and beyond your average design agency. We can brighten up your reports and leaflets and brochures with some imagery tailored to your needs. Whether you need charactrs and a cartoon style to inject a bit of fun into your message or something more serious we can cater for all requirements. The illustrations above were used in an infographic for Mistsubishi which helped customers understand the benefits of an Ecodan heating system. The illustrations helped to achieve a clean style which photographs would not do so well.



The illustration below shows business people searching for gold and in context was about finding the best candidates for the job.


Mitsubishi  |  Blah



Hatch member, Eleanor illustrated the hand featured in the Shaun Of The Dead film title. The hand was drawn on paper in biro and treated digitally to fit in with the other elements on the poster. Shaun Of The Dead cost  $5m to make and has earnt an estimated $30,332,385 worldwide.

You've got red on you   Shaun Of The Dead