Hatch team member, Marcus Silversides has been illustrating and writing books for many years. He has recently completed illustrating a set of books for bestselling Turkish author, Eylem Tok, including The Donkey Who Cried (above), The Giant And The Three Dwarves (published in this country by Austin Macauley) and The Pink Lizard. Marcus has nurtured an expressive style for the author which suits the quirky nature of the stories.


As well as illustrating for other authors, Marcus has written and illustrated his own books including a range of fun tales about a group of animal characters, collectively known as Monkeynutz. Ellington, an example of the series is pictured below.


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Marcus also recently worked on Kangarillapig, an animal who as his name suggests, is a mixture between a kangaroo, a gorilla and a pig. Authored by Rosie Button, the book is the first in a series featuring Kangarillapig and his friend Nobblebob, the goat.